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Victoria Heavy Movers

Lighting – Decorative wall scones, chandeliers, Flourescent, Track, Spot and Security Lights

Windows, Awnings and Mirrors – All sizes and shapes including Skylights

Doors and Gates Steel, Glass, Wood, Synthetic Material, Cast Iron Security and Decorative Gates.

Bathroom Fixtures – Sinks, Toilets, Tubs, Shower Stalls, Hand and Towel Dispensers, Bathroom Lighting.

Kitchen Fixtures – Sinks, Cupboards, Counters, Appliances, Plumbing Parts.

Cabinets, Shelving and Counters – Both Residential and Industrial.

Store Fixtures, Restaurant and Office Fixtures – Shelving, Cabinets, Racks and Displays.

Furniture and Film Props – Vintage to Modern – Mantles, Handrails, Stairs, Cabinets, Radiators.

Bricks, Stone and Tiles – Granite, Slate, Rough-Cut Slabs, Bakers Bricks, Paving Stones, Decorative Tiles.

Flooring – Finished and Unfinished planks; fitted grooved planks.

Trim, Baseboards, Railings – Wide variety of baseboards, handrails, molding.

Framing Lumber – Mainly unfinished beams and panels for structural building support.

Tools and Equipment – Saws, Drills, Electric Hammers.

Plumbing Supplies – Pipes, Joiners, Water Tanks, Systems.

Heating and Cooling Components – Machinery, Duct Work, Fans, AC Units, Entire Systems.

Electrical Components – Fuse Boxes, Cables, Switches, Sensors, Security Lights.

AppliancesFridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Commercial Machines.

Audio/Video – Speakers, Entire Sound Systems, Tripods, Equipment.