Victoria Heavy Movers

Victoria Heavy Movers and Syds Demo Salvage

Victoria Heavy Movers is a division of Syd’s Demo Salvage.  We are able to carefully disassemble machinery, parts of buildings, or other items that are too big, heavy, awkward, fragile or valuable for the average mover, and safely remove or place item. Take advantage of our expertise and years of experience and get the job done right!  Visit and view pictures depicting some of our projects.

We have a five-ton truck, a huge Flatbed Truck, a Steel Frame Truck, forklifts, and work with local crane companies for the more challenging projects.  We bring experience and expertise to each project and are fully ensured for such moves.

Call Syd at 250-886-2658 or email for a quote on breaking down and removing or as part of the delivery team for moving large or heavy objects.


List of items we tackle:

Heating and Cooling Systems – Boilers, AC Units, Tanks

Built-in Shelves, Cabinets, Stair Cases, Bath tubs

Industrial and Electrical Equipment – Entire Systems, Transformers